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About Us

Regain Memory Center 

Regain Memory Center's mission is to provide personalized,, comprehensive care for individual with memory all types of memory loss. Our scientific research studies have shown to improve memory to 5 to 8 years in dementia and Pre-injury level in the traumatic brain injury.  Here at regain memory center we can detetct signs of early rype dementia or minimal memory loss and plan intervention to prevent future memory loss. - Regain Memory Center we provide neuro-cognitive, early detection testing  and rehabilitation of the  brain. 

We provide treatment for cognitive loss of all type; Dementia of old age, Post stroke dementia, hypoxic brain injury, autoimmune dementia and Post traumatic memory loss. We routinely provide gene based medication therapy for all of  our patients. Pharmaco-genetics based medication therapy is provided to ensure the medication efficacy and decrease side effects of medications.

Our Staff 

Suresh Kumar M.D.

Suresh Kumar, M.D., is Clinical research Neuroscientist, Triple Board certified neurologist ABPN, Brain Injury Medicine Specialist ABPMR,  Headache Medicine Specialist UCNS subspeciality.  Dr Kumar has been providing services for post traumatic memory loss  & TBI patients in the  Tristate area. Dr Kumar with his experience and knowledege has developed an entire protocol for Dementia and TBI diagnosis, treatment & cognitive rehab. He is the Director of MTBI Rehabilitation program and Research Center. Neuro-cognitive rehabilitation is done on a  one-on-one basis and computer based neuro-cognitive therapy tailored to cognitive disability and speech disability to individual patients. He has invented & developed a protocol of forced oxygen therapy for early recovery of concussion head injury,  Dr. Kumar has been successfully practicing in Shreveport, North, Louisiana and Frisco East Texas, last 10 years. Dr Kumar treat person Not time,

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Chadwick Green MS.

Clinical Research Director  . Medical Data collection and  has been working with us in research  in neuro-science drug trials.

Jennifer Lachney BS

Cognitive Specialist

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