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Our research and work is based on Neural Remediation & Plasticity

Memory is the building block of intelligence, Without a memory of the past, we cannot operate in the present or think about the future. Depends on the ability to learn and retain in short term memory (STM) through acoustic repetition, visual, and semantic memory.
Making new memory from STM to long term memory (LTM) is by genetic coding through stages of memory, encoding , storage, and retrieval.
Encoding system in LTM appears to be semantic coding (by meaning/logic) and visual.
LTM involve changes in protein synthesis,  gene regulation, and in many cases, structural modifications.
LTM involves changes in the structure of neurons including growth of new processes and synapses in the different parts of the brain.
Assisted computerized cognitive brain training (CCBT) is capable of the repetitive brain stimulation of visual, auditory, semantic, and procedural memory with limitations.

Our Research and Neuro-cognitive research and Services for Dementia and cognitive therapy are based on:

1. Central pontine myelinolysis, an update S Kumar, M Fowler, E Gonzalez-Toledo, Neurological Research> List of Issues> Volume 28, Issue 3

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Research Presentations

1. Doc Do I have Traumatic Brain Injury. MOCA effective tool of screening for TBI-prospective 70 case study, S. Kumar as Oral Presentation,  Brain injury  Association of Canada Meeting Sept 2014, Qubec, Canada.

Active Research Studies in progress

       Genetics testing based medication therapy in patient with headaches disorder.

Validation of MOCA a sensititive screening tool with  WMS IV and NAB battery Neurocognitive testing, 
 Forced oxygen therapy, a technology at ease, better alternative to HBOT
Kumar Migraine Compound an alternative abortive therapy a pilot study.
Genetics testing based medication therapy in Seizure patients. 
Neuro-Behavioral Assessment following concussions, traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury.
Occipital nerve block and supratrochlear blocks in patients with headaches disorders. 
Forced Oxygen therapy in the management of headaches Disorder. 
Forced Oxygen therapy in the management of acute and subacute concussion injury. 
Pseudo Bulbar Affect in Mild to Moderate TBI diagnosis & Treatment

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